About the Project

Optimistic Bunnies is the first NFT project to be deployed on the Ethereum Optimism network featuring 112 accessories and traits. It is also the first in a series of NFT collections. The team has ambitious plans for the future of the project including expanding the Optimistic Bunnies universe by introducing other companion characters.


Optimistic Bunnies

a bunny with an afro and a hoodie
a bunny with hair that looks like a blonde wig
a bunny with a simple hero's mask and a superhero outfit
a bunny with a halo around its ear
a bunny with a black, high collared coat and witch's hat
a bunny in front of an orange background
a bunny with a crown
a bunny wearing an eye patch and an afro and a scarf.


Jan 2022

20% Minted

Airdrop of a “retro-edition” of the NFT to ALL Optimistic Bunnies NFT holders for FREE (just pay minting fee). Donating 2% revenue.

March 2022

40% Minted

Production of the 1st COMPANION NFT. Donating 4% revenue. Some Optimistic Bunnies holders will received the 1st companion NFT for FREE.

May 2022

60% Minted

Production of the 2nd COMPANION NFT. Donating 6% revenue. Some Optimistic Bunnies holders will received the 2nd companion NFT for FREE.

May 2022

80% Minted

Production of the 3rd COMPANION NFT. Donating 8% revenue. Some Optimistic Bunnies holders will received the 3rd companion NFT for FREE.


100% Minted

Top Secret plans to be revealed :) Donating 10% revenue


Creator: Cryptofox

a bunny with a black, high collared coat and witch's hat

Cryptofox has been involved in the blockchain industry since early 2017 when the focus was just on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cryptofox believes that NFT technology is still in the early stages of growth and NFTs on Ethereum Layer 2 platforms are going to be HUGE going forward! Cryptofox is overseeing the overall progress of the project including generating the NFT art and metadata; deploying and testing the smart contract; and community management. He's the creator of the Optimistic Bunnies Project.

Developer: DistractionBoy

a bunny with an afro and a hoodie

Being new to crypto as a developer, DistractionBoy sought out a project to get involved with to get his feet wet. Having been familiar with what Layer 2 is and how it fixes the unpredictability and expensiveness of gas fees on ETH L1, he was excited to be a part of a project that was more geared towards consumer value. He has been developing for the web since he came back from the Iraq war over 10 years ago, and freelances as a wedding and portrait photographer. However at the time of writing this, learning about Web3 tech has taken center stage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I mint a bunny?
  1. 1. You need to transfer your Ether using Metamask from the Ethereum network to the Optimism network through either the official Optimism gateway or hop exchange
  2. 2. Hop over to our minting website, connect your metamask wallet, pick the number of bunnies you want to mint, and click the mint button.
Where does my NFT go after I purchase a bunny?
Once you mint an NFT, it is forever linked to the account that made the transaction(s). To see your NFT's in your MetaMask wallet, copy the contract address and take note of the TokenID for your tokens on Etherscan, and enter them when you import the NFT's into your wallet.
What is Optimistic Bunnies?
Optimistic Bunnies is a collection of NFTs to be released on the Ethereum Layer 2 Optimism network. Each bunny features a set consisting of a body, headgear, eyes, clothes, personality, mouth, and a background. It features over 112 accessories and traits, creating an endless combination of possibilities.
Why get an Optimistic Bunny?
Optimistic Bunnies aims to be one of the first NFT drop on the Ethereum Layer 2 Optimism network. You will have bragging rights to own one of the first NFTs to be released on the network. We want to create an optimistic and fun community so we may have some fun surprises for fellow bunnies after we launch. So come join us on this fun journey.
What can I do with my bunny?
Use it for your social media profile or whatever you want. NFT owner has the right to use the images and metadata.
Where can I find out more about Optimistic Bunnies?
Join our Discord and head to the rabbit hole to hop in on the conversation.